The Teacher’s Connect Conference is a TY Danjuma Foundation’ funded project aimed at providing better trained 21st Century – Tech savvy teachers with a fully equipped digital learning center in Edo South senatorial zone of Edo state. The project implemented by RavenBrooks International seeks to improve the quality of education for pupils in Nigeria through teachers’ development.

UNICEF identified four key strategies to ensuring that the 2030 SDG 4 is met; one of which is for “more teachers have core knowledge and competencies to use proven teaching methodologies to deliver appropriate quality education”. One of the TY Danjuma Foundation’s education focus is providing quality training for school teachers.

In the 3 days training held in Benin, Edo state, 220 school teachers selected from public and private schools in Edo South senatorial zone participated. The participants were trained by seasoned facilitators who have technical expertise in instructional technology, child psychology and sociology, classroom management and the likes.

At the end of the training, a couple of comments were sampled and are captured below;

“I didn’t have the opportunity to do this.  From the bottom of my heart I want to appreciate TY Danjuma Foundation and RavenBrooks for the powerful programme. I was blessed beyond measures in the course of the training. I spoke highly of the program to my colleagues and our school management. I have started putting to work some of the new ideals I was introduced to. I want to affect my students with this new light I have received. I pray very soon our educational system in Edo State will produce students that have the ability to engage their mind via this teaching method unto great works”. – Edith [Participant]

“The training I received from the seminar has given me a Mindshift, especially the discipline part which I have started implementing. I happened to ask my students for a selfie after a class and she was like uncle, this is strange. I had to do this cos I have been too uptight. Your team have tried.  You guys did exceptionally well. However, there’s a saying that you hit the iron when it is hot. I’m sure you know this. Many of us asked for the slides and audio recordings which you promised we would get. The reason for this is to listen again and get the whole concept of the program”. – Bayo [Participant]

Although, the focus of the Foundation’s education intervention is on teachers training, the Foundation still supports some interventions that improve learning such as infrastructure and provision of instructional materials.