Annual Grants

About Annual Grants

This is the primary funding scheme of the Foundation through which grants are awarded once annually after a careful screening process by Management and the Board of Trustees. Every year, a Call for Concept Notes is published, requesting qualified organisations based in Nigeria to apply for funds to implement projects in the Foundation’s focus areas of health and education.

The Foundation’s annual grantmaking strategy is two-pronged

  1. Main Grant

The Foundation supports initiatives across Nigeria by inviting NGOs to apply for funding to implement projects within its focus areas of health and education. Interventions under this grant can be implemented in any state in Nigeria.

  1. Taraba/Edo Community Funds

Taraba and Edo states are the home states of the founder’s family. As a result, the Foundation annually supports special initiatives to be implemented in those states through its community fund schemes for grassroots organisations based and working in the states.

The Community fund brings funding closer to the communities and makes it possible for less formally constituted organisations to receive support.

The Community Fund provides small grants to small NGOs and CBOs to carry out innovative development activities geared towards addressing the social-economic challenges within rural communities. It also provides technical and institutional assistance as a way of addressing organisational development and enhancing community engagement in targeted social initiatives. Interventions under this grant can only be implemented in Taraba and Edo States by organisations registered and based there.

The Taraba Community Fund was launched in February 2011, while the Edo Community Fund was launched in February 2012.


Applicants for grants must satisfy the following conditions of eligibility: 

Condition for Eligibility

  1. Be a registered Not-For-Profit organisation working in Nigeria (registration could be with the Corporate Affairs Commission, State Agency or other relevant bodies);
    2. Have a verifiable organisational structure;
    3. Proposals that promote the overall objectives of the Foundation;
    4. Demonstrate community participation and government involvement;
    5. Have a track record of engagement in similar or related activities;
    6. Possess a valid financial audit report (maximum two (2) years).

Ineligible Applicants

TYDF grants WILL NOT be extended to the following:

    1. Individuals;
    2. Organisations that are not legally registered in Nigeria;
    3. A government entity;
    4. Any organisation that has mismanaged TYDF funds in the past;
    5. Political associations and institutions, or their subsidiaries and affiliates;
    6. Organisations that advocate, promote, or espouse inhumane policies, illegal activities or terrorism;
    7. Faith-based organisations whose proposed projects are of a religious nature.

    Ineligible Activities and Excluded Costs

     Grant funds cannot be utilized for the following causes:

    1. Political campaigns
    2. Religious or sectarian activities
    3. Activities to be implemented outside Nigeria
    4. Overseas training of any nature
    5. Any activity that is illegal


    The Foundation is not currently receiving application for Annual Grants. 

    Applicants are generally required to Submit a concept Notes of 5 – 7 pages using the guidelines provided below:

    Concept Note Guidelines

    Applicant Information [1 page]

    1. Name of Organisation & Project Title
    2. Heads of organisation and/or contact Persons
    3. Mailing address including phone numbers & email addresses
    4. How long the organisation has been in existence
    5. List of similar projects executed; amount and sources of funds

    Project Summary (2-3 pages)

    1. Project title
    2. Thematic focus (Health or Education)
    3. Where will the project be implemented – exact project location(s). Please provide name of LGA, Ward and GIS locations.
    4. Specific problem to be solved & project duration
    5. Goal and objectives of the project with clear targets
    6. List and explain all activities to be implemented in the project
    7. List and explain all expected outcomes of the Project
    8. Identify key stakeholders from government and the beneficiary community and explain how they will be involved in the project.
    9. Explain how the project will be sustained when the grant ends.

    NB: Projects without clear sustainability plans will not be funded.

    Financial Summary (1-2 pages)

    1. Provide a reasonable estimated cost for all project activities
    2. Include a cost for three (3) monitoring visits by TYDF staff members
    3. Provide the total project budget and amount requested from TYDF
    4. State all other sources of funding (if any) and when they will be secured.
    5. State the budget of your organisation for the last two years.

    Project Management (1 page)

    1. List all envisaged risks and explain how they will be mitigated
    2. State how you and other stakeholders will monitor the project
    3. Any other relevant information