Discretionary Grants

The Foundation uses the Discretionary Grants to provide succour to Nigerians affected by humanitarian emergencies. The Grant is deployed to facilitate rapid response across Nigeria to people facing humanitarian emergencies or for any other intervention as determined by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.


The overarching goal of the discretionary grants scheme is to ensure responsiveness by the Foundation to legitimate needs that arise between board meetings and before or after the annual call for concept notes.

Types of Projects Supported

Projects to be considered for discretionary grants must:

  • Fall within the Foundation’s focus areas (Health and Education);
  • Clearly identify a problem, propose solutions and outline target beneficiaries;
  • Be rapid or short term with measurable outcomes and a concrete impact on communities;
  • Cost less than one to five million naira; and
  • Project the work of the Foundation.

    Applicants for discretionary grants must be:

    • A not-for-profit organisation registered and working in Nigeria;
    • Possess verifiable experience in one of the Foundation’s focus areas; and;
    • Willing to comply with all the Foundation’s internal review processes.

    Download, complete and submit the application form with proof of registration as a non-governmental organisation and relevant supporting documents to justify the application.

    Attach a  detailed proposal and comprehensive budget for the project.

    Send complete application and supporting documents to contact@tydanjumafoundation.org 

    NB: Due to the high volume of grant applications received by the Foundation, only applicants under serious consideration for funding will be contacted for further discussion.