Community Funds

The Community fund is a grant making facility and direct financing mechanism created in 2011 for small and medium scale community initiatives specially designed for Taraba and Edo States by TY Danjuma Foundation.

Community fund brings funding closer to the communities and to make it possible for less formally constituted organisations to receive support.

The fund supports initiatives of Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and similar organisations located and operating in local communities of the two states. The Community Fund provides small grants to NGOs and CBOs to carry out innovative development activities geared towards addressing the social-economic challenges within rural communities. It also provides technical and institutional assistance as a way to address organisational development and for enhancing community engagement in targeted social initiatives.

The Taraba Community Fund was launched in February 2011 and the Edo Community Fund in 2012.

Community Funds Q and A

What types of organisations are eligible for support?

NGOs, CBOs, youth groups, women’s cooperatives, etc. registered in Nigeria and based or working in Taraba or Edo States.

When can an organisation apply for a community fund?

Community Fund grants are made once a year following a Call for Proposals; the same one for Main grants also carries information for Community Funds.

Can an organisation not based in either Edo or Taraba apply?

Yes; on the condition that the project will be implemented in either Edo or Taraba states. In those instances the out-of-state organisation is expected to collaborate with a local state based organisation to implement the project.

What do Community Funds support?

The Community Funds are similar to the Main grant support, it will be for work in two main areas:

  • Community Health Initiatives;
  • Education & Skills Training

Can my organization request for more than what TY Danjuma Foundation has stated?

Yes; but the Foundation will provide funds according to the approved sums and as stated in the publicised Call for Proposals/concept notes.

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