Programme Areas


The TY Danjuma Foundation supports non-Governmental and community based organisations (NGOs and CBOs) to implement projects in mostly rural communities across Nigeria. The Foundation's focus is on two programme areas: Community Health Initiative; Enhancing Quality Education and Skills Training (especially for persons living with disabilities).

Community Health Initiative

The Foundation's Community Health Initiatives programme supports projects across a number of medical, health-related and hygeine matters. These include: Free Medical Missions; Partnership with Community Health Centers and Referal Hospitals; as well as Water and Wellbeing projects.

Enhancing Quality of Education and Skills Training

The Enhancing Quality of Education/Skills Training programme of the Foundation supports initiatives aimed to enhancing the quality of, and improving access to education, i.e. enrolment, retention, transition and completion of basic education; and Skills Training. This is done by funding Good Schools Projects; Community Libraries projects; as well as Skills Acquisition projects mostly for persons living with disabilities, women and youths.